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 Beginners Yoga 

Beginners yoga classes are perfect for those completely new to yoga or those who haven’t been practising for a while and would like to refresh.

By participating in yoga classes for beginners, you will: 

  • learn the basic yoga postures (asana)

  • learn breathing techniques (pranayama)

  • develop a sense of body-mind-spirit connection that can contribut to your overall wellbeing

Each class will  be a balance between short meditation, asana (yoga posture) , pranayama (breathing techniques) and relaxation (savasana) and sprinkled with yoga philosophy throughout the course. 

The benefits of Beginners Yoga :

  • improved flexibility and strength of the body

  • improved posture 

  • reduced stress and anxiety 

  • improved breathing and as a result calmer mind


• Your mat and a cushion ready to sit on in a quiet and uninterrupted environment if possible

• Best not to eat anything 2-3 hours before the class (if you need to eat, you can eat something light like a banana)

• Dial in 5 minutes before to get settled


If you have any medical conditions, especially high blood pressure, heart diseases or severe back problems, please contact me prior to the class.

Single Class - 7 euro 

4 Class Pass - 25 euro

Currently there is no beginners group open.

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I am Anna, a yoga teacher based in Dublin, Ireland. I was trained as a yoga teacher by experienced yogis in India - the home of yoga. 


My classes are a balance between meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (yoga poses) and relaxation (shavasana).

I teach with a holistic approach  creating space to connect with your body, mind and soul through movement, breathwork, guided meditation and mantras .


I use techniques from Hatha Yoga and mindfulness to guide each individual on their path to wholeness. My practices are also influenced by the Buddhist philosophy and concepts such as Bodhisattva, karma (action) and rooted in a belief that cultivating inner peace in each human being leads to peace in the world.

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