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I would like to thank you   Anna, for your  yoga classes and meditation. It has enlightened me during the past few months since March 2020 keeping me alive and in good spirits.

Miren, Ireland

Anna is a wonderful teacher, calm and warm-hearted.  She gives very clear instructions on every move so there is never any confusion in my mind.

Jackie, Ireland

I feel more connection between my body and my soul after the yoga class, more calm and relaxed and it is a beautiful and unexpected sensation considering I am a beginner. Thank you dear Anna.

Federica, Ireland

Anna's classes are a fantastic way to relax and calm the mind. Anna's knowledge of breath work exercises and her clear direction create a wonderful experience. I always feel lighter and happier afterwards!


Cathy, Ireland


It's all about you trusting yourself, your needs and developing confidence in yourself.


It's not about achieving the perfect pose or perfect moment but learning how to be aware of your experiences right here and right now. Responding to life accordingly to your experience.


Feel empowered by learning new things. 



Anyone can be anything they wish. I strive to create space for anyone regardless of their background, experience, gender, sexual orientation, flexibility etc. 


Human connection is part of who we are. I strive to create a community that serves as an inspiration, support and a source of joy. 


I loved Anna’s pregnancy yoga class! It was so relaxing and I was able to participate right up until I was 40 weeks pregnant. It was great to meet other moms-to-be as well. I was really looking forward to it every week! The breathing techniques and poses that Anna taught us helped me so much during labour. I would highly recommend the course.

Christine, Ireland

Anna's yoga classes were a wonderful time for me and my baby to connect during pregnancy. I do not know how she does it, but her relaxation session at the end of each class made me fall asleep twice. Learning to breathe with Anna turned out to be an invaluable help during my childbirth. It was my second childbirth and I already had experience and comparison. Learning to breathe has proven to be the most valuable lesson in helping ease pain and speed up labor. Bravo Anna. thank you ♥


Izabela, Poland 


I attended both the Saturday morning Hatha yoga class and 12 weeks of hormone yoga. For both classes I have nothing but very positive feedback! Anna is a great teacher, attentive, inclusive and very encouraging. She gives great tips on how to better your practice and how to get the most out of the yoga sessions. Her knowledge and passion of meditation and breathing techniques are a plus value to an already very enjoyable yoga class.

Laura, Ireland

Anna is a super teacher. Her approach is natural, flexible and very encouraging. Her healing and soothing voice encourages people to join in no matter their ability and after each session you feel fully relaxed, transformed and better. Anna confirms the importance of breathwork as a regular practice and this motivates me to keep it firmly in my weekly activity as a priority.

Kathryn, Ireland

Absolutely incredibly beautiful experience. Anna is professional, gentle and very caring. I feel every penny was 100% worth for this course. Will repeat it in the future for sure. I had incredible changes over the 6 weeks, my chin acne cleared up, pms symptoms got better, and I love my body way more. Highly recommend!

Rosie, Ireland

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