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with Anna & Justyna

Saturday 9th September  | 10-18h

The Sanctuary, Dublin 7

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”



Revitalise and celebrate yourself as you dive into the fullness of your heart at our one-day retreat in the Sanctuary, a beautiful oasis in the heart of Dublin, a meditation centre to support your wellbeing, a heartfelt community, and a place to nurture Irish biodiversity. 

This will be a day full of healing, inspiration and exploration through movement , meditation, breathing practices, self-expression, connecting with the inner child, EFT tapping,  delicious Ayurvedic meal and snacks, connection with nature, singing and chanting to celebrate the vastness of your heart as well as a beautiful heartfelt community connection. 


Awaken your heart and delve deeper into the connection of your body & mind. Release any blockages that stand in the way of loving yourself unconditionally and showing up in the world truly as you are. 


The heart is the source of your inner wisdom, guidance and inspiration. It sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart, bringing the information that is stored in the subconscious field.


Having access to the subconscious mind gives us the opportunity to release the pain and invite the feelings of worthiness, acceptance and being truly good-enough to receive. 

When we decide to heal from the space of our heart, we open up towards more love, forgiveness, freedom, abundance, and positive change in relationships. 



The Sanctuary,  D07 H290 



Saturday, 9th September


(including break for lunch and shorter breaks)



Early Bird €89 per person

Booking by 9th August

€99 per person

Booking after the 9th August 

The price above includes all practices : yoga, meditation, inner child, group EFT etc as well as Ayurvedic lunch/snacks freshly prepared by Justyna, our Ayurvedic coach and therapist.


  • Warm clothing in case we gather outside and the weather gets chilly (we always have the option to be inside if weather is not appropriate) 

  • A journal for journalling reflections 

  • If you would like to share a song with the group or lead a dance, you are welcome to contribute in this way! 

  • Yourself as you are!  


  • Welcome & Opening Circle - nurturing a heartfelt community 

  • Self-Expression through Art & Movement 

  • Yoga Asana & Pranayama to open the heart 

  • Lunch with delicious Ayurvedic treats and snacks & Community Connection

  • Inner Child Work 

  • EFT Tapping for self-love

  • Kirtan, Singing,Intuitive dance/movement 

  • Relaxation with Sound 


Anna and Justyna are both passionate about living mindfully, creatively and cultivating connection both with our bodies, minds and souls as well as others. This retreat focuses on diving into the vastness of the heart through connecting with ourselves and with others. We put our utmost effort in the preparation of this retreat so that at the end of the day you will feel rejuvenated, joyful with a sense of connection and lightness in your heart!

We feel that the essence of human happiness and wellbeing lies in aligning ourselves with our heart and creating a heart-to-heart connection with others and the world.

Let’s experience our heart awakening together and celebrate our uniqueness.


  • Yoga asana (physical yoga poses) for all levels 

  • Pranayama  (breathing exercises) to tune into the subtle aspects of your being/ open the heart 

  • Meditation with visualisations, breath awareness and singing and chanting to connect to your heart  


  • Group EFT session to release any emotional blockages or beliefs that stand in the way of loving yourself and living your purpose

  • Inner child healing through guided meditation, visualisation and tapping

  • Body- mind healing and expansion of love, forgiveness, freedom, abundance and positive change.


  • Be embraced by the community with an open heart 

  • Show up as yourself to celebrate yourself and reveal the uniqueness of your being 


  • Sanctuary is located in the middle of the city but is the house to Irish plants and flowers. In September, we will be nearing the end of summer. We can enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of the Sanctuary garden as we slowly move into the Autumn months 

  • Connect with the natural power of food through our Ayurvedic lunch and snacks 


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Ayurvedic Food4.jpeg
Ayurvedic Food3.jpeg
Ayurvedic Food6.jpeg


10.00-11.30h | Welcome, Opening Circle and Art Making 

11:30-13.00h | Yoga & Pranayama 

13.00-14.30h | Lunch break with an Ayurvedic meal and snacks & Community Connection 

14:30-16.00h | EFT & Inner Child Work 

16.00-17.00h | Kirtan, mantra & dance 

17.00-18.00h | Relaxation with Sound & Closing Circle 




Certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and Ayurveda health coach, educator & therapist. Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) association for holistic medicine practitioners.

Her mission is to spread awareness about how blocked emotions and unprocessed trauma manifest as a physical or mental disease. She believes in the body-mind connection, and she takes a holistic approach to help individuals to achieve balance, build resilience, reconnect with their inner wisdom and live a more balanced and fulfilled life. 

Justyna is also passionate about sharing the knowledge of Ayurveda, the oldest medical system, that empowers you to take the responsibility for your own health, connect with nature and with your true self. Her life purpose is to support, nurture, teach and inspire others.


A Yoga Teacher, a Menstrual Cycle Educator and Facilitator with focus on creating the physical, emotional, and mental balance, cultivating connection and resilience from within in order to live more consciously and joyfully.


Anna qualified as a yoga teacher in India (500 hours) and as a Menstrual Cycle Coach & Facilitator in Ireland. Her approach in her personal and professional life is mindful, intuitive and aligned with cyclical rhythms of our bodies and nature so that we can tap into our inherent wisdom.


Book your spot below or via Revolut ​(please send me or Justyna a private message for Revolut payments)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


We understand that things happen and sometimes plans change. If you cancel 10 days before the retreat, we will offer you a full refund. If cancelled 5-9 days before the retreat, 50% refund will be issued to you. No refund given if cancelled less than 5 days before the retreat. Please note that all refunds exclude the  processing fee ( 1.9% of the transaction amount + 0.30 EUR). 

  • YOGA NIDRA - THE YOGIC SLEEP JOURNEY - Monthly, the Sanctuary
    Yoga Nidra - The Yogic Sleep Journey running monthly in the Sanctuary. Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique in which you learn to relax consciously. Yoga Nidra is the state of dynamic sleep, which is induced by guided meditation. It induces complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.
    Red Tent Gathering - a Circle of Sisterhood Next Gathering : Friday, 10 May March 7-9pm, the Sanctuary The Red Tent is a gathering for women of all ages to celebrate our Cyclical Nature, our Wisdom, Intuition and to encourage and cherish the uniqueness of each and every one of us. This is a non-judgemental space where we can show up as we are, come back to ourselves, celebrate ourselves, rest and feel supported. We share stories, we listen, embrace each other and learn from each other.
  • HIKING YOGA RETREAT IN SPAIN , 30 August - 4 September 2024
    ​Immerse in the peace of nature in Andalusia's Parque Natural on this Hiking Yoga Retreat in the South of Spain. This includes 5 nights of accommodation with daily yoga and meditation classes, workshops, delicious vegetarian meals, trips to the local area, beautiful surroundings and a heart-felt community of other yogis!
  • HORMONE YOGA DEEP DIVE – 3-Week Course for Women, Wednesdays starting 27th March, The Sanctuary
    Hormone Yoga Deep Dive – 3-Week Course for Women Wednesdays starting 27th March 2024, The Sanctuary, Dublin 7 6.45-8.45pm This 3-week course is an invitation to dive deeper into the power of yoga to support your hormonal balance. Throughout the course, we will work on connecting deeply with your body’s wisdom in order to soothe your nervous system and restore your hormonal balance. You will be held in a safe space where we will explore the inherent power to heal from within, tune into the more subtle aspects of your being and develop more kindness towards yourself. What is Hormone Yoga? Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) was designed by Dinah Rodrigues specifically for women with hormonal imbalances. HYT is a natural and holistic approach to reactivating hormone production. It consists of dynamic practices to stimulate the glands as well as calming/anti-stress techniques to soothe the nervous system. This therapeutic sequence along with a balanced diet and lifestyle helps women all over the world with menstrual problems, with difficulties to get pregnant, mood swings, hot flushes, hair loss, migraines, hypoactive thyroid, insomnia, osteoporosis, hair loss and others. This 3-week course will consist of three 2-hour long sessions. Each session will focus on a specific gland Week 1 : Adrenal Glands : Grounding and Presence Week 2 : Ovaries/Ovary Space :Emotional Balance Week 3 : Thyroid : Self-expression and Personal Truth In each session, we will have space to connect one with another through our weekly sharing circle at the start and at the end of each gathering. This is a space for you to show up as you are, connect with yourself, rest and gain strength from being together and supporting one another. €60 (for 3 two-hour long sessions)
  • Who is Body Alchemy Program for?
    Body Alchemy Program...
  • I don't have much time. How much time will be required in between our sessions?
    If you are trying to conceive, you can absolutely take this coaching program. It will support you in your fertility journey by creating space for more mindfulness, self-care, kindness and self-compassion in your life. This program will help you create a more sustainable way of living that will supports your fertility. However, it does not focus specifically on fertility nor can it guarantee that you will get pregnant upon its completion.
  • How do I know if I should commit to 3 or 6 month of coaching program?
    Depending on your needs and your goals, you might benefit from 3 or 6 month coaching program. Before you commit, we will have a call to discuss your needs and where you are at. This call will help us establish which program duration will work for you best. You can schedule a connection call with me to discuss your needs here.
  • Where do the Individual Body Alchemy Sessions take place?
    This program takes place Online via Zoom. All of the online sessions are set up in a way to create a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space where you can show up as you are.
  • Will we do a lot of yoga during the sessions?
    We will use yoga ( meditation, breathwork and yoga asana - yoga poses) as a tool to help you connect with your breath, body and mind. Yoga is not the only tool we will use but will play a big part of this coaching program. The focus of this coaching program is on becoming more aware and more connected to yourself, learning practical tools that can support you in your daily life so that you can live a more balanced and fulfilling life. If your interest is in learning yoga techniques in more depth, please check out my Private Yoga Sessions.
  • How much support will I get in between the sessions?
    In between the sessions, we will do weekly check-ins via WhatsApp message or audio. The check-ins are intended to provide additional support to you if needed. This is a space for you to voice your thoughts and feelings on anything that is going on for you. You will be invited to ask for additional support if needed.
  • What is the discovery call?
  • Can I have additional sessions after the 3 or 6 months?
    Yes! If you feel that you would like to continue with the sessions, you can book a single session or a package of 2 or 4 sessions. We can discuss this when your program is nearing the end.
  • I don't have much time. How much time will be required in between our sessions?
    This work depends on you and on how committed you are to yourself. Apart from our weekly sessions, I would recommend setting aside at least 30 minutes per day to yourself, to have space to cultivate presence within which is where this work begins. There might be weeks where you will spend more time on additional exercises, resources in order to support your journey to wholeness. This is your journey and it is totally up to you how much time you want to invest in yourself. There will also be an option to join a monthly gathering, which will be 75-90 minutes long , with other women. This is a space to find inspiration and support each other. Occasionally, I will offer live yoga classes, meditations which you will be welcome to join.
  • When can I expect changes in how I feel, in my life?
    That depends on you. If you decide to invest time in your inner work, you will definitely notice changes in how you feel about yourself and as a result how you show up and view the world around you. Some things might trigger unpleasant feelings, which does NOT mean that you are not moving forward in your healing journey. Often, before we can feel good, we need to visit some of the darker places of ourselves and become comfortable with the uncomfortable. This is part of the process and you will be supported as you move through it. The invitation here is to be patient and to apply little changes 1% at a time so you can slowly move in the direction of wholeness, power and self-trust.
  • Who is Body Alchemy Program for?
    The Body Alchemy Program for women who are experiencing a disconnection from the body or any discomfort/pain that is affecting any area of their life. This program is for you if you seek to discover a sense of wholeness from within, develop more self-trust, more confidence in your body and in yourself in order to live more fully and more authentically. It aims to support you in feeling more in charge of your wellbeing. Body Alchemy is for any woman who feels curious about her cycle or her nervous system and wants to learn more about herself through new tools. It is also for any woman who seeks to develop a habit of showing up for herself, be kinder and more compassionate towards herself amidst the challenges of life. If any of this sounds appealing to you and you feel drawn to this program, book a Free Connection Call to find out.
  • What is the Free Connection Call?
    The Free Connection Call is a 45 minute session with me, in which we will get to know each other and see if we want to work together through the journey of Body Alchemy. During the session, you will be fully supported in expressing your needs, your current challenges and where you would like to be after this program. You can also get a feel for my approach and how the program will look like. Please book the free Connection Call here. You will be asked a few questions that will help me prepare better for our call together.
  • How do I know if I should commit to 3 or 6 month of Body Alchemy Program?
    Depending on your needs and your goals, you might benefit from 3 or 6 month of Body Alchemy Individual Program. If you are unsure which package you would like to go for, you can book the Free Connection Call with me and we will have a call to discuss your needs and where you are at. This call will help us establish which program duration will work for you best. You can book a Free Connection Call here.
  • Where do the weekly Body Alchemy Sessions take place?
    The weekly Body Alchemy Sessions take place Online via GoogleMeets. All of the online sessions are set up in a way to create a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space where you can show up as you are. All sessions will be recorded and shared with you afterwards (you can request them not to be recorded).
  • Is this program for me if I am pregnant?
    Absolutely. You can hugely benefit from this program especially if you are in early stages of your pregnancy and looking to connect with your body, with your self before you move to a whole new phase in your life. I am a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher and can support you on your journey to birth and welcoming a new life to this world. This can be integrated into our program. Book a Free Connection Call to discuss the details further.
  • How much support do I get in between the sessions?
    In between the sessions, you will have time to integrate what we covered in the session and perhaps practice new ways of showing up for yourself, in the world. If there is any extra support you need in between the sessions, you can reach me via email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  • I am trying to conceive. Is this course for me?
    If you are trying to conceive, you can absolutely take part in this course. It will support you in your fertility journey by creating space for more mindfulness, self-care, kindness and self-compassion in your life. This course will help you create a more sustainable way of living that will supports your fertility.
  • I am on the pill. Is this course for me?
    If you are on the pill, you are welcome to take part in this course. You will not experience the cyclical patterns of your cycle as most hormonal contraception eliminates ovulation so the natural hormonal changes associated with the menstrual cycle do not occur. However, you can still benefit from the course by learning about how your nervous system affects your hormonal health and the importance of looking at our wellbeing holistically to support the body, mind and spirit. You might also choose to create some form of cyclicality by staying in tune with the moon cycle.
  • How much 1:1 support will I get?
    As part of the course, you will get 1 private coaching/check-in session (60 mins). This session can be used as a general check-in half way through the course or as a coaching session to support you further in your process of living more in rhythm with your cycle and with yourself. If you need extra 1:1 support, you can let me know and we will discuss the available options.
  • How much time do I need to commit to this course?
    The weekly Monday session will be 2.5 hours long ( including a break half way through). Outside of the live group sessions, it is up to you how much time you invest in the applying the knowledge/skills to your life. I would recommend at least 1.5-2 hour per week for your cycle charting, exercises, journaling and diving into some additional materials that will be shared with you. You are welcome to invest more time depending on your availability and your needs.
  • I have irregular periods. Is this course for me?
    Yes - absolutely. This course is designed for anyone with a period. Whether your period is regular or irregular, you will be able to benefit from this course. Practising Menstrual Cycle Awareness will help you balance your energy and create a lifestyle that supports your menstrual health, which is likely to affect the regularity of your period.
  • I don't have a period. Is this course for me?
    Yes,. There are many reasons you might not have your period : pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause, PCOS, amenorrhea, no physical womb, eating disorders etc. This programme is about taking a holistic look at your wellbeing to support the body, mind and spirit. If you don't have a cycle, you will be invited to work with the lunar cycle and seasons instead.
  • I don’t know anything about the menstrual cycle. Can I join?
    Yes - absolutely! This programme is suitable for anyone who doesn't know anything about the menstrual cycle, has some knowledge or knows quite a lot about the science of it but would like to get a more holistic view of it. This programme will not only explore the science behind the menstrual cycle but will also explore how practising mindfulness, self-awareness, nervous system tracking and various yogic/body-mind practices impacts our overall wellbeing.
  • What is included in the course fee?
    The course fee includes 6 live online sessions conducted via Zoom. The weekly session will include learning about the specific topic, exploring in with the group (bringing it to life for yourself and learning from each other) and practical tools to develop more trust in the body and support your menstrual health. Each session will also include an opening and closing circle. You will be held in a safe space in each session. Support will be provided to you If anything arises for you during the group session, which you prefer to discuss outside of the group. The course will have an educational/ women's circle/ group coaching format. Additional resources compiled to support each module will be shared with you for you to explore in your own time.
  • I am interested in learning about a diet that will support me in my health. Will this be covered in the course?
    Yes - we will talk about the impact of diet on your menstrual cycle and how certain foods may support your wellbeing. However, this course does not include in-depth nutrition training or provide you with personal dietary advice. Resources will be shared with you to explore the topic of diet in more detail.
  • I have never done yoga before, can I join the course?
    Yes - absolutely! We will explore yogic practices and other embodied techniques to bring our teachings to life and enable you to feel them in your body from within. You don't need to have any previous experience of yoga to benefit from those practices.
  • I have period pain. Is this course for me?
    Yes. Practising Menstrual Cycle Awareness and knowing how to track your nervous system will support you in reducing your period pain. You will learn practical tools to prevent and manage menstrual cramps/pain.
  • Will I get a certificate?
    After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.
  • Self-Study
    In between the weekly sessions, you are encouraged to apply the teachings to your life. You will be encouraged to explore some books, articles and podcasts on the topics discussed. You can do this in your own pace and time.
  • ​Weekly Monday Live Online Group Session (via Zoom)
    Each session we will comprise of an opening and sharing circle, study, embodied practices (yoga, breathwork, body-mind exercises) to complement the topic of the month, group learning. We will connect via Zoom.
  • Safe & non-judgemental space
    This is a safe and non-judgemental space to which you can show up as you are. You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you want. All practices are optional and the amount of self-study you will do is dependent on you, your needs and your circumstances.
    My yoga classes aim to guide you to move beyond the asana (the physical poses) in your practice so that you can tap into something much deeper in your life. I offer Embodied Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Hormone Yoga classes. Check my offerings here
    The Body Alchemy program is a space for you to feel safe and show up as you are. In this space, you will be guided to cultivate presence within yourself, connection with your body's messages in order to harness the potential and wisdom from within . This is a gentle yet empowering approach to finding way to know yourself better , release stuck energy from your body and trust yourself. This program has a holistic and trauma-informed approach supporting you in coming back to wholeness from within. During the Body Alchemy Individual Program, I will help you to create a path to power, trust and wholeness from within. ​ We will learn your body's language, decoding the workings of your nervous system, healing the relationship with yourself and finding the most supportive tools of self-care. ​ As you are the one living in your body, you will be empowered to discover its workings and step into a place of deeper understanding of yourself so that you can lead a happy life - guilt-free, more at ease, more in tune with your needs and appreciative of who you are. Learn more here
    1:1 yoga classes are more personalised and gives you opportunity to dive deeper. My work is deeply rooted in body-mind connection, awareness, mindfulness and cyclicality. Private Yoga Sessions here Schedule a free consultation with me here
    The Red Tent is a circle of sisterhood for women of all ages to celebrate our Cyclical Nature, our Wisdom, Intuition and to encourage and cherish the uniqueness of each and every one of us. This is a non-judgemental space where we can show up as we are, come back to ourselves, celebrate ourselves, rest and feel supported. We share stories, we listen, embrace each other and learn from each other. Learn more about Circles of Sisterhood
    By joining the Seeds of Joy Community, you will receive bi-monthly Mindful Letters with all things related to yoga, wellbeing, mindfulness and staying connected to our true self. My aim with these is to share a bit of inspiration with you to live a more connected, vibrant and intuitive life and to share updates on upcoming events, workshops and other opportunities to connect. I don't like spam in my inbox and I plan not to spam yours! You can unsubscribe anytime! Sign up to receive Mindful Letters here
    If you want to encourage employees to take care of their wellbeing, I am available to host yoga classes and workshops related to wellbeing, stress, menstrual cycle awareness, cyclicality and more. ​ Check out more here
  • What if EFT? I have never heard about it before.
    EFT refers to Emotional Freedom Techniques and it is a body & mind method of releasing emotions, stress, limiting beliefs, and trauma that have been trapped in the body. It is also known as tapping. It combines modern psychological knowledge and neurology with eastern wisdom about the energy of the body and knowledge of meridians and acupuncture points. When tapping we stimulate energy points while focusing on the stressful event, emotion, or painful memory we want to resolve. This then reduces/turns off the fight or flight or freeze signal from the brain caused by stress and restores the flow of energy. The whole process of using EFT correctly enhances self-awareness and brings issues from the subconscious mind to the conscious level. This helps you to understand yourself better, and give yourself more empathy, love, and acceptance. You may look at the difficult memory from a different angle you haven’t seen before, and that memory stops being painful.
  • Can I join if I am pregnant?
    Yes - you can attend if you are 12 weeks or more. If you are pregnant, please let us know in advance. The EFT practices are suitable during pregnancy and the yoga practice will offer variations for pregnancy if required. The Ayurvedic meal will be very balanced but if you prefer to have your own food, you can bring it with you.
  • What if I have food allergies/intolerances?
    You can let us know about your food allergies and we will try to have something that will suit your needs.
  • What if I can't sing?
    No problem! We are all there together to expand our hearts. Singing is one of the ways to really connect with our heart space. Anna and Justyna will guide some of the singing which will be simple and available to all. All are welcome to join regardless of your singing experience or ability. Essentially it is about connecting with your voice and your heart and not about performing a song.
  • What is the Sanctuary? I have never been there before?
    The Sanctuary is a meditation centre located between Smithfield and Stoneybatter. It's a non-profit organisation that hosts regular classes and courses related to mindfulness, yoga and conscious living. This is a community focused space where you feel absolutely welcome as you arrive through the door. The Sanctuary space is comprised of 2 main indoor rooms and an additional space for special rituals, meditations. It also has a beautiful outdoor area with stunning flowers, plants and trees as well as consultation and therapy rooms. In the back of the Sanctuary, there is a space with wild Irish plants that nurtures the Irish biodiversity. This space also has a labyrinth, which can be walked as part of your spiritual journey. This place has a very special energy that you can feel as you enter through the door. We are certain that you will love it and that you will feel automatically held in a safe and non-judgemental way by the Sanctuary community. We can't wait for you to get to know the Sanctuary if you don't know its magic yet!
  • Ayurvedic lunch? What it it? What is Ayurveda?
    Ayurveda is the traditional holistic healing system from India that views each person as an individual, with a unique mind-body constitution and set of life circumstances. It is known as the oldest medical system and current science proves what Ayurveda said 5000 years ago eg. about gut & brain connection or the importance of the circadian rhythm to maintain vitality and longevity. The aim of Ayurveda is to treat the root cause of the illness by balancing our 3 doshas back to a natural state for optimum well-being. According to Ayurveda, our bodies are controlled by three bio-energetic forces called dosha which are made of a combination of 5 elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. The doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha run all the body functions, and when in balance they maintain life. However, when one or more doshas are out of balance due to stress and the wrong diet, lifestyle, emotional blockages, or challenging life circumstances, it leads to various health conditions. Ayurveda guides us through all aspects of life and the easiest way to start exploring this timeless wisdom is in your kitchen. Cooking and eating Ayurvedically is a very intuitive and joyful process. It's a way to practise self-care, self- love and mindfulness by recognizing your individual needs rather than following a general list of healthy foods. Ayurvedic cooking involves preparing the food following certain principles like 6 tastes, fresh & seasonal food, compatibility and incompatibility of certain food and lifestyle practices around eating. The aim is to prepare a meal that is nourishing, easy to digest and satisfying for body & mind. During the retreat you will be served a simple, vegetarian and nourishing meal that follows Ayurvedic principles, is freshly prepared and consists of mainly seasonal food. You will be provided with some spices and herbal teas that aid digestion making this meal enjoyable to everyone. Please let us know about any food allergies or sensitivities.
  • Can I attend if I have never done yoga before?
    Yes, absolutely! Our yoga practice will focus on opening the heart and is designed for all levels. Whether you have never done yoga before or are a regular practitioner, you will be able to benefit and enjoy the practice. For any practice that might be challenging or new to you, variations and/or detailed explanation will be given to support all participants.
  • What if I cannot attend the full day? Can I still join?
    We feel that it is best if the participants attend the full day. If you would like to attend but need to leave a little bit early, that is OK - just let us know in advance. The price for the one day retreat does not change if you need to leave early.
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