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Exploration of the Inner Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle to unlock your cyclical wisdom for a balanced and fulfilled life



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Join in for this 4-week online course to explore the Inner Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle to support your menstrual, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

In this course, you will learn about the science of Menstrual Cycle and discover the inner seasons of your cycle.  This course is an opportunity to explore how to live in sync with your natural rhythms  so that you can heal your menstrual symptoms, and awaken your personal inner power for a more conscious and sustainable living.


This is an invitation to take a holistic look at your wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), learn valuable knowledge and skills and apply them in your daily life. You will be held in a safe and non-judgmental space and supported by a warmhearted community of women


Menstrual Cycle Awareness is a mindfulness tool, which helps us to be in tune with our cycle and how we feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As we observe ourselves through the different phases of the cycle for some time, we get to know our natural rhythms and patterns. We learn how our cyclical nature affects how we relate to ourselves, others and the world around us.


Overtime, we can use this awareness to feel more empowered in our personal and professional life. We can apply cycle awareness to daily life including relationships, work and business. 

The term Menstrual Cycle Awareness was created by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, the authors of The Wild Power and founders of the Red School.  

Womb Nature.jpg


In Menstrual Cycle Awareness, we liken the different phases of the Menstrual Cycle to seasons in nature. The Inner Seasons help us understand our cyclical nature, the different needs, challenges as well as natural powers associated with each of the seasons.

We have 4 phases/Inner Seasons : 

INNER SPRING  - Pre-Ovulation | Follicular Phase 

INNER SUMMER - Ovulation 

INNER AUTUMN - Pre-Menstrual Phase 

INNER WINTER - Menstruation 


All women who want to learn about their menstrual cycle to improve their wellbeing and their personal and professional life. 

Whether you are  earlier or later in your menstruating years, it is never too early or too late to learn about this natural aspect of your life. Menstrual Cycle is a built-in wisdom that can benefit our personal and professional life. It teaches us about respecting our natural rhythms and enables us to tap into the depth of our intuition awakening our natural powers so that we can improve our energy levels, creativity, our relationships, our business if we are a business owner. 

Women who feel disconnected from their cycle, ashamed of it or considering it a burden.

Sometimes we feel that the cycle is somewhat of an additional problem in our life where in fact none of us would be here if it wasn't for our mothers menstrual cycle. Taking time to understand this natural aspect of our lives has a huge potential to improve the quality of our lives. Developing more awareness about our cycle can help to transform the shame or negative feelings into a source of power. 

Women who experience a lot of stress in their life and find it hard to balance their energy. 

Menstrual Cycle Awareness helps to discover the natural powers of each phase so you don't need to go against your nature. This is our built-in compass. You can use it to develop more trust in your body and to respond to your needs accordingly so you don't burn out. 

Women who experience challenges with their cycle such as PMS, period pain, PCOS, PMDD, endometriosis, infertility, postnatally.  

Menstrual Cycle Awareness offers support to those with menstrual challenges. It helps to create a sustainable way of living that helps you heal leading to improving the quality of your wellbeing and life. It supports improving various menstrual challenges. When we live more mindfully, we take off the pressure from our nervous system which is directly linked to the endocrine system.  

Women who have just  come off the pill and would like to reconnect with the natural rhythm of your body. Or women who plan to come off the pill and want to be prepared for what is to come. 

Our natural cyclical rhythm is quite different to when you are on hormonal pill. It can feel quite challenging to deal with this especially when we are unaware of the natural seasonal shifts. Learning about these natural shifts supports us in transitioning to living more cyclically. 


Course dates:  6 November , 13 November,  20 November, 27  November (Monday)


Online via Zoom : Weekly Monday sessions for 4 weeks 7-9pm Irish Time


​Investment : €135


  • 4 x live group sessions (with recordings for replay)​ 

  • A small group of like-minded women 

  • A contained safe space for a deep learning experience​ and to cultivate deeper connection with yourself 

  • Additional resources to explore including cycle tracker, podcasts, books to read (optional) 


"To see the cycle as the enemy can set you up for more suffering. But working with it and within its rhythmic imperatives can be your foundational path to healing." 

 "Wild Power "by Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer



It is important to get to know the science.


Knowing how the cycle works gives us a better understanding of our bodies and our nature so that we can start working with our natural rhythms rather than against them. 


We don't need need to make the science overcomplicated. In this 4-week course, we go over the science of the cycle (the function and the workings of the hormones involved in the menstrual cycle)  in a simple and accessible way so that it makes sense to you and creates value for your life. 





Knowing something does not mean that it is useful and we know what to do with it.


This course creates space not only to learn about our bodies but also to develop awareness around your personal experience with the menstrual cycle. It also gives you an opportunity to explore the areas that need your attention the most so that you can create more balance in your life and develop more kindness and compassion towards yourself. 

Through these personal explorations you start to develop more trust in your body and ability to tap into the depths of your wisdom and intuition, which can support you in your personal and professional life.  


All of the above has the power to contribute to improving your menstrual health and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  


Learning on our own can be difficult and it isn't the same without the connection with other people. 

In this course, we will be learning together, with and from each other. A big part of this course is coming together and feeling safe to explore this very important part of our lives in a non-judgemental way. 

You will be held by a non-judgmental, heartfelt community.  


Menstrual Cycle Awareness is rooted in mindfulness and in developing strong connection with our bodies.


During this course we will take time to connect with the bodies as we move through the learnings together.  We will approach the sessions from the place of connection with our bodies developing awareness around our needs, our triggers, challenges and boundaries. 

There will be space for connecting with your breath, exploring some movement and creating space to rest. 


Anna Przybylo

I am Anna and I will be your course facilitator.  I am a Menstrual Cycle Coach and Facilitator and  a Hatha Yoga and Hormone Yoga teacher. 

My mission is to help people cultivate connection, inner peace and help to develop more trust and confidence in their body. I support people with all things related to anxiety and stress management , pain relief, low energy, lack of motivation and focus, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, women's health, menstrual health and hormonal balance.   



"When we bring our mind into our body, the body becomes mindful, and the mind becomes embodied"

Donna Farhi

Womb Nature.jpg


The Science of the Menstrual Cycle | What are Hormones - What Do They Do?
Menstrual Challenges
Menstrual Cycle Awareness as a Mindfulness Tool
How to Track Your Cycle
The Two Vias - Via Positiva
Powers and Challenges of Inner Spring and Inner Summer
Cultivating productivity, creativity, communication and outward focus. 
The Two Vias - Via Negativa
Powers and Challenges of Inner Autumn 
The Inner Critic  

Powers and Challenges of Inner Winter
Healthy Menstruation | Period Pain 
Reset Time | Inward Focus 
Applying Menstrual Cycle Awareness in Daily Life 


Anna - I would like to thank you so much for sharing this all with us! I'm amazed how my mindset has changed and my knowledge about myself increased after these conversations. I truly appreciate you!


Exploration of the Inner Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle  

Thank you for the great session today!!!! I appreciate the insights and creating a safe place to share about the Inner Autumn of the Cycle!!


Exploration of the Inner Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle  

"I loved the balance between learning and practising. Every Monday we got a little treat (movement, meditation, painting...) that I loved every time! It made the 2 hours go by very quickly. The content was also super useful, just the right amount of information. The homework load was also perfect as it was fun and allowed me to integrate the learnings week by week. I also loved the pace, it never felt like we were in a hurry, and Anna managed to "improvise" perfectly when we decided that we were too tired to do something, or when we spent more time talking than expected.  I learned a lot of valuable things about the menstrual cycle, I really resonated with the approach (not too scientific, not too spiritual!) and I could feel week after week how I started to befriend all my inner seasons. "

Laurene, Switzerland
Menstrual Cycle Awareness Course Online

"It was so holistic and beautiful,  it was such a safe and caring space and I felt like I was chatting to wonderful friends that held no judgement.  Through this course, I got a better understanding of myself and how to work with my cycle and its magic, instead of being fearful of it. "

Gilly, Ireland
Menstrual Cycle Awareness Course Online

Womb Nature_edited.jpg

Unlocking your cyclical wisdom for a balanced and fulfilled life




If you have any questions about the course or are unsure if this course is for you,  feel free to email me or book a quick chat with me. 

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