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Pregnancy Yoga Course


This is a Pregnancy Yoga Course that can be done by any woman over 12 weeks pregnant. This course includes a series of short videos focusing on different yogic techniques and practices that will support you in your pregnancy and prepare you for birth. The courses is designed to - celebrate the experience of being pregnant - to give you the opportunity to tune into the different aches you may be experiencing while pregnant - learn how to help ease any physical or emotional discomfort during this time - explore movements and breathing techniques and other tools that are especially helpful during pregnancy and in preparation for birth. Please make sure to check with your doctor if there are any contraindications for you to practise yoga. Disclaimer: This is a self-paced course with lots of guidance on moving safely through the practice. Please do not practise anything that doesn't feel good for your body. By requesting access to the videos and participating in this program, you agree to have complete responsibility for practising safely and you confirm that you will not hold Anna Przybylo @Seeds of Joy liable for any injuries that might occur as a result of your practise. By getting access to this free course, you agree to receive emails from me. If you wish to unsubscribe, you can do that at any time.

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