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with Anna Przybylo

Fri 17 June 6.30-8pm 

The Elbowroom, 32 Brunswick St N, Dublin, D07 A070

Investment - 29 euro 

This session is an invitation for you to connect with your body, to tune into the more subtle aspects of your being and to connect with a like-minded, supportive and non-judgemental community. We will gather together to connect with each other and to practise hormone yoga, a practice that consists of a series of simple physical yoga poses with a breathing technique called Bhastrika. Bhastrika involves active abdominal breathing that stimulates the organs and the glands in the lower abdomen. We will finish the session with Yoga Nidra and some calming pranayamas to help to soothe the nervous system and reap the benefits of the practice.

Who is it for?

Hormone Yoga is recommended for women with hormonal imbalances especially related to:

  • PMS, irregular menstrual cycle & polycystic ovaries

  • fertility

  • symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, night sweats, loss of memory, mood changes, hair loss (practiced in order to reduce these symptoms)

  • premature menopause

  • perimenopause in order to keep up slowly decreasing hormone levels

  • as a way to tone and rejuvenate for any women above 35 years old

  • Hypothyroidism

About Hormone Yoga:

Hormone Yoga was designed by Dinah Rodrigues in order to help women with hormonal imbalance related to PMS, irregular menstrual cycle, polycystic ovaries as well as help to manage some of the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.


  • in cases where estrogen level should not increase e.g. severe endometriosis, fibroids/myoma or breast cancer

  • in case of any other cancer – check with your doctor

  • after a surgery

  • in case of pregnancy

  • in case of acute psychosis

  • in case of any hormone-related disease ask your doctor for advice

  • during menstruation – some modifications will be given or you can take a break from your hormone yoga class

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