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bloom from within

series 2: iona SINGLETON

Yoga and Ayurvedic Practisioner. Herbalist. Artist. 

Based in the United Kingdom.

"We come from the same seed, and yet each have our unique expression"

Iona’s creative project Within Without connects her work in Ayurveda, Yoga, Herbalism and the Arts.


There is so much these very words, ‘Bloom Within’ carry that I find myself tongue-tied and unable to write. It encapsulates it all. That we are here, each to grow from deep within, and share our blossom with the world. And yet there’s more, dig deeper, and you will see that your roots intermingle and intertwine. We come from the same seed, and yet each have our unique expression, how magical is that.


Take pause, sit, stretch, run, paint, play music; find connection with that stillness within. Yoga can be meditation in movement, or it can be a fight to get to the end, it’s your choice, and there’s no right or wrong way. It’s accepting yourself with gentleness and kindness in momentary presence. With continual practice there might come a moment that you glimpse something beyond the mind, beyond the body – just one moment and your entire world view shifts.


I’m a student and a teacher of yoga, it’s just one of the tools that organically found me. My work with Ayurveda took me deeper into understanding its historical lineage, that felt important for me, to know the past of a practice that has given me so much. And yet the truth lies in its experience. It amazes me, to see the glow on new students faces, no words are needed, it’s an experiential art.

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