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Creating Sacred Space for Yourself

Sacred space on the yoga mat
sacred space

What is Sacred Space?

Sacred Space is a place where you can honour yourself. It is a place for you to show up daily and tune into your body, your breath and explore your inner world.

I find it truly important to be able to come back to myself especially during challenging times. Sometimes life gets very busy and overwhelming. In those moments, having a place that feels safe, that feels like me gives me a sense of home, support. It's my sacred space that can hold me while I am feeling wobbly, uncertain, confused or frustrated.

I talk to many people and they often mention that having enough space to look within, to hear their inner voice, their inner guide. This is so common in our very fast paced society. Having a corner in your home where you can practice being with yourself is a true gift for your wellbeing.

Here are a few things to consider when you are creating sacred space for yourself:

  • Choose a place that is relatively quiet and private, free of distractions ( of course people might walk into that space at times but try to eliminate distractions by picking a place that is in a very busy part of your house and by removing all electronics from it)

  • Make it your own : you choose what you put in your sacred space, it can be plants, candles, a journal, your favourite books, a yoga mat, meditation cushion. Make it as cosy as possible

  • Show up in your sacred space daily if you can even if it's only for 5 mins. Otherwise show up whenever you feel the need to return to yourself, to tune into your wisdom.

Apart from the physical space in your home, your body is also your sacred space. It's to be honoured and to befriended. Listen to it and be curious with it.

Altar with stones and buddha statue, place to meditate
Sacred space

If you want more guidance on creating your sacred space, get the Creating Sacred Space for Yourself Guide.

Hope you enjoy it!




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