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Yoga for Beginners

"stihram sukham asanam"

the aim of yoga asana is the comfortable and stable state of mind and body 


This class is designed for those completely new to yoga or those who want to refresh their foundations. 

Over the course of  8 weeks, we will explore the foundational principles and practices of yoga, helping you build a strong foundation for a lifelong yoga practice. In each session you will be exploring the art of yoga asana (yoga postures) , basic pranayamas (breathing techniques), meditation, and deep relaxation. 

This course is your gateway to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

"stihram sukham asanam"

the aim of yoga asana is the comfortable and stable state of mind and body 


  • Understanding the purpose of Hatha Yoga : balancing the solar and lunar energy in the body and mind 

  • Breath Awareness : the impact of breath on our body and mind 

  • Basic Pranayamas (breathing techniques) : basic calming and energising pranayama practices 

    • Yogic Breathing

    • Kapalabhati 

    • Anuloma Viloma 

    • Bhramari Breath

  • Foundations of Yoga Asanas  (yoga postures) 

    • Basic principles of correct posture ​

    • Sun salutations (Surya Namaskara) : a complete practice that acts as a warm up in a Hatha Yoga class. A practise that harmonises body's movements with the breath. 

    • The foundational yoga postures : alignment, benefits, body awareness 

  • Relaxation and Basic Meditation Techniques ​​





Yoga means Union 

Yoga is a an ancient path to self-realisation that originate's in the land of today's India .


The word yoga comes from Sanskrit  "Yuj' meaning to yoke or to unite. We can translate the meaning of Yoga as "Union" - union between the lower self and the higher self, union between the body and the mind, union between the individual self and universal self.  


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Haṭha Yoga as a way to keep the body healthy for meditation practitioners. 

Hatha Yoga as we know it today comes from Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā, a 15th century manual on Hatha Yoga.  


Hatha Yoga traditionally served monks and spiritual practitioners as a way to keep their body healthy so that they could sustain prolonged hours of meditation without feeling discomfort.


Traditional Hatha yoga poses focus on keeping all the systems of the body healthy and balanced. It strengthens the joints, the spine, muscles, nourishes the nervous system, endocrine system, massages the internal organs and helps to improve stability and flexibility as well as focus and concentration. 

The ultimate goal of Hatha Yoga 

Hatha Yoga is a science of purification of Nadis (energy channels)  and awakening pranic energy called Kundalini.


The ultimate goal of Hatha Yoga is balance of "Ha" (Pingala) and "Tha" (Ida) to awaken Kundalini in Sushumna channel.  "Ha" refers to the more activating energy and "Tha" refers to the more calming energy.


When in balance, we experience a state of harmony from within. 

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Why practise Hatha Yoga? 

Hatha Yoga, which is associated with asanas (physical postures) pranayamas(breathing exercises), mudras and bhandas offers a range of physical, mental, emotional and energetic benefits. A consistent yoga practise improves our overall wellbeing, creates space for regular encounter with yourself, boosts vitality, reduces stress and helps us connect with our true essence. 


Hatha Yoga also includes ethical guidelines and personal observances for living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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  • Each session will be 75 minutes long 

  • No prior yoga experience is necessary; this course is designed for absolute beginners.

  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, and bring a yoga mat and water bottle to each class.

  • This class is kept to a small group of practitioners (max 8) to ensure you get a personal attention from me. I will ensure to help you personalise the for your needs and your body for a maximum learning experience and to reap the most benefits 

  • This course runs in a cycle of 8 weeks. After the 8 weeks, the classes will have an open level and beginners are welcome. 

  • Book the whole 8 weeks for a better price and to get the most form the course. However if you cannot participate in all classes, I welcome people who want to avail of drop-in option as well.  


Foundations of Hatha Yoga

Book the Course


Free Class Pass for a friend for those who book the full 8 weeks. 

To avail of it, please email me with the name of the friend and when they will be joining class. 

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