2 march 2021


When : 2 March 2021 (Tue)

What time : 7-8pm (GMT)

Where: Online via ZOOM


This is a free trial pregnancy yoga class for any woman12 weeks pregnant or over.

This class is a space to practice tuning into your breath, connecting to your constantly changing body and to your baby in preparation for their arrival into this world.

The class is designed to celebrate the experience of being pregnant and to give you the opportunity to tune into the different aches you may be experiencing while pregnant and to learn how to help ease any physical or emotional discomfort during this time. We will explore movements and breathing techniques and other tools that are especially helpful during pregnancy and in preparation for birth.

Pregnancy yoga provides you with a space to connect with your body and with the experience of being pregnant while also preparing you physically and emotionally for birthing your baby.

Come along to meet other wonderful women who are also pregnant. Together we will practise some breathwork, yoga movements and relaxation.

This is a free trial class and if interested, we will continue together on a weekly basis.

Who is your teacher?

I am Anna, a yoga teacher based in Dublin, Ireland. I teach yoga and pregnancy yoga with a holistic approach creating space to connect with your body and your baby through movement, breathwork and guided meditation and relaxation.

My aim as a pregnancy yoga teacher is to empower all the pregnant women to trust their body and to create space for self-nourishment, inner peace and stability during the profound experience of pregnancy.

4-day moving meditation & breathwork

8-11 MARCH2021

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When : 8-11 March 2021 (Mon-Thu)

What time : 7-8am (GMT)

Where: Online via ZOOM


I would like to invite you to join in for this 4 day journey with breathwork and moving meditation.

​We will meet every morning 7-8am (GMT) for 4 days to go through guided breathing practices and mindful yoga movements.

During the 4 days, you will experience the benefits of breath awarenss and yoga movements on your body and mind.

This series might be a great way to try out yoga and meditation in a gentle and mindful way that can benefit your overall wellbeing if you are new to it. Or if you have recently neglected to give yourself quality time, this might be a good way to start a new positive routine.

I host sessions to provide a holistic experience in which not only your body feels nourished but also your mind is calmed and you are invited to experience a sense of wholeness and harmony.

This 4 day series is open to all levels and beginners are welcome.

The series won't focus on the physical aspect of yoga but rather will use yoga movements and breathwork to experience wellness on a number of different levels.



I am Anna, a yoga teacher based in Dublin, Ireland. I was trained as a yoga teacher by experienced yogis in India - the home of yoga. 


My classes are a balance between meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (yoga poses) and relaxation (shavasana).

I teach with a holistic approach  creating space to connect with your body, mind and soul through movement, breathwork, guided meditation and mantras .


I use techniques from Hatha Yoga and mindfulness to guide each individual on their path to wholeness. My practices are also influenced by the Buddhist philosophy and concepts such as Bodhisattva, karma (action) and rooted in a belief that cultivating inner peace in each human being leads to peace in the world.