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Behind Red Curtains


Discovering Your Inner Seasons through

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Friday 29th March  | 7-9 pm

Reformation, Dublin 6

"To see the cycle as the enemy can set you up for more suffering. But working with it and within its rhythmic imperatives can be your foundational path to healing." 

 "Wild Power "by Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

For many generations, women in communities gathered together during their menstruation to rest, reflect and engage in rituals to connect with their intuition, wisdom and cherish their feminine power. Women learnt to respect their cycle and recognize the natural powers that come with it.

In our modern world, we live at a very fast pace without acknowledgment for the natural rhythms of nature including our menstrual cycle. Many women push themselves to always be productive, feeling frustrated that our energy levels aren’t always the same and maybe even guilty when feeling the need to slow down. Living against our natural rhythms can cause a lot of suffering. It can lead to hormonal imbalances resulting in menstrual problems, physical diseases, anxiety, depression, lack of personal boundaries, burnout and misalignment with our authentic self.

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Our Red Tent gathering is a safe and supportive space, where you are invited to connect with your cyclical nature, explore the natural rhythms of your body, tap into your intuition and wisdom. During our time together, we will learn about the science of the menstrual cycle, how our hormones affect our wellbeing as well as explore the Inner Seasons of the cycle and the challenges and natural powers associated with them.

Anna will facilitate this Red Tent including meditation to connect with your womb space, sharing the framework of Inner Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle as well as yoga and relaxation practices to support your menstrual health.


Understanding your cyclical body as a woman helps you live more in sync with your natural rhythms so that you can heal your menstrual symptoms, and awaken your personal inner power for a more conscious and sustainable living.

This workshop is an invitation to take a holistic look at your wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), learn valuable knowledge and skills and apply them in your daily life. You will be held in a safe and non-judgmental space and supported by a warmhearted community of women.


​In Menstrual Cycle Awareness, we liken the different phases of the Menstrual Cycle to seasons in nature. The Inner Seasons help us understand our cyclical nature, the different needs, challenges as well as natural powers associated with each of the seasons.

We have 4 phases/Inner Seasons :
INNER SPRING - Pre-Ovulation | Follicular Phase
INNER SUMMER - Ovulation
INNER AUTUMN - Premenstrual Phase
INNER WINTER - Menstruation

Who is this workshop for?

All menstruating people are welcome to attend this workshop. This includes those who have a regular or irregular cycle, those who don’t currently have it and those who experience menstrual challenges (i.e. PCOS, endometriosis, PMDD, PMS, period pain etc). If you are on the pill, you are also welcome to join as a way to understand what to expect when you come off it or you might choose to align with lunar cycles.


What to expect?

- Welcome Meditation - 
- Sharing Circle - 
- Learning about the science of the menstrual cycle and your Inner Seasons - 
- Cycle Tracking - 
- Yoga and relaxation practice for menstrual health - 
-  Closing Circle - 

Behind Red Curtains


Discovering Your Inner Seasons through Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Friday 29th March  | 7-9pm

Reformation, Dublin 6

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