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Boom From Within is a space to share stories by  various individuals about their journey with yoga and other holistic practises (dance, creative arts, writing).

Each individual is a unique soul with a unique story that is worth telling.

By reading these stories, you will definitely be inspired by the beauty, strength of these individuals and the incredible benefits that a regular practice of movement and creativity can bring into one's life. 

Explore the stories below of yoga students, teachers, dancers, movement lovers, writers and artists. 

seeds of joy:
bloom from within
Bloom From Within
Series 2
In Series 2, we invite yoga teachers and holistic practicioners to share their stories about yoga and their journey in working with these different holistic tools. 
If you are intested in sharing you story, please get in touch! 
Series 2

Yoga and Ayurvedic Practisioner. Herbalist. Artist. 

Founder of Within Without.

Iona poetically describes what yoga, art and other holistic practices mean to her.

Series 2
amilton Brandão

Yoga practitioner & teacher. Artist. Writer, Martial Arts Practisioner. Amilton talks about his seeking spirit and his journey with a range of practices.

Series 2
rachel Jennine Goudey

Yoga therapist, Educator and Doctor of Psychology talks about her adventure with yoga, dance and movement.

Bloom From Within Rachel.jpg
Bloom From Within
Series 1 
In Series 1, we invite yoga students to share their stories about yoga including the reason they started practing, what benefits it brought into their lives and what yoga means to them. 
If you are intested in sharing you story, please get in touch! 
Laura Bloom From Within 2.jpg
Series 1

"Finding Light Through Yoga"

Series 1

"Learning to let go rather than competing with myself and others "

Bloom From Within Monize.jpg
Series 1

"It's about the process rather than getting there"

Series 1

"Having rituals within the practice calms me down and helps me connect to the present moment"

Bloom From Within Joachim.jpg
Series 1

"Realising that we all are part of the same universe"

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